Truth about Your Money and Your Time. And Future.

Truth about Your Money and Your Time. And Future.

Time versus money. Everybody desires to have both.

In this article, we will look at what’s true about your money and your time. We will approach 4 baseline situations, which will show you truth about your money and your time.


Truth about your money and your time


1. If you have no money but you have a lot of time

More and more people fall into this category. These include especially those who don´t work.They are the owners of a lot of time, but their lack of money sets limits in their lives.

Do you know what makes such a combination in their lives? What is the result? It’s a fear.

If you don´t have money for a long time and you don´t have any source of it, but you have a huge amount of time, it will cause you will feel a lot of pressure in your life.

Over the time, the problem (challenge) with inability to fund basic needs may be associated with it ( 55 Websites That Will Make You Smarter Everyday ).


What can you do about it?

The positive thing is that people belonging to this group have a lot of time. And with this you can begin to work beautifully. If the opportunities for improvement in your life don´t turn out to be on your own, you just have to create them!

It is important to have sufficient motivation. To stop being afraid and have a clear goal ahead of you and realize what you want and how you would get to that goal.

A new life energy is also offered in the form of self-education. Take advantage of free online courses from the area you want to advance.

There is a large number of books, e-books, websites, discussion forums, language offers on the market today, from which one can draw inspiration (you may also like our article 6 Things about Money You Should Have Learned in School ).

Another important step is to get around with the right people. And that’s the point. It is blameless to say that you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.


2. If you have money and you have no time

This group includes people who work a lot, but don´t have time for anything but their career, business or entrepreneurship. Do you know what makes this combination in humans? Frustration.

Such people are frustrated because there is no time left for anything else but for work. They just don´t have time to live. They focus on their social status and rising numbers on their bank account.

Such people should realize that if their main life goal is only to earn money, the burnout syndrome will come sooner or later. And they will get frustrated.

What to do about it?

First of all, special care must be taken to ensure that money doesn´t become the only goal in your life.

Your main goal should not be to earn money. The main goal should be to find happiness.


3. I have no time and I have no money

It’s sad, but a lot of people belong to this group.

You have a job, maybe two too, but you don´t make enough money to cover expenses you have created in your life.

You may feel like living in a circle that youy can´t get out of. You feel great fear and frustration.

The courage is need to leave this group, but it is worth it! It will help if you work on your beliefs.

If you have fallen into this group, you have taken the wrong steps in the past and will need to be corrected (learn how to Get Rid of Bad Spending Habits ).

I would recommend to you to use Pareto’s rule, which is closely related to the efficiency setting. At the same time, you have to answer the question: Where will I be in 10 years if I don´t change anything?


4. I have time and I have money too


For people in this category, it is important to continue to advance and step out of the comfort zone. It is easy for them to fall into stagnation and the feeling that they have everything and don´t have to do anything anymore.

A lot of time and money means freedom. For these people, it is advisable to ask the question: “If I have time and money what I still lack in my life? Is it working on my relationships? What can I do better?”


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