Travel Apps For Your Next Trip That You’ll Actually Use

Travel Apps For Your Next Trip That You’ll Actually Use


Planning a trip can be a pain. But with the right apps on your phone you can keep stress to a bare minimum.

In this guide, we’ve gathered the best travel apps that you’ll actually use.

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PackPoint-travel-apps-that-you-will-actually-use-travel apps that you will actually use


PackPoint will organize what you need to pack based on length of travel, weather at your destination and any activities planned during your trip.

It checks the weather, so you never forget your jacket or umbrella or shorts or sandals again. Will you be hiking, traveling internationally, swimming, working, traveling with a baby, or? PackPoint builds your packing list accordingly so you have everything you need for your travels.

Moreover your packing list gets its own website. You will be able to share your website link with fellow travelers so they’ll know what to pack too.




TripIt-travel-apps-that-you-will-actually-use-travel apps that you will actually use


With TripIt you can keep all your travel plans in one place and access your itineraries anytime. On any device.

If your flight is canceled or delayed you get instant alerts – often faster than from the airlines. This app will help you find alternate flights and open seats when you need to rebook.




Citymapper-travel-apps-that-you-will-actually-use-travel apps that you will actually use


Citymapper is the ultimate transit app, making cities easier to use.

Trip planner combines all transport modes to find the fastest route: bus, subway, train, ferry, cab (Uber, Lyft, taxi), car share, bike share and walk.

You can follow your trip in real-time with step-by-step directions, including live bus times and an alarm when it’s time to get off the bus.




Rebtel-travel-apps-that-you-will-actually-use-travel apps that you will actually use


Make high quality international calls to both mobiles and landlines for next to nothing.

Rebtel will detect your best available connection type and set up your call via either a local phone line, mobile data or WIFI. This means you never have to worry about bad reception or your call dropping.




LiveTrekker-travel-apps-that-you-will-actually-use-travel apps that you will actually use


LiveTrekker lets you record events of interest and share places, in real-time, and in their geographical context.

Tracking your location with GPS, you take videos, snap pictures, record voice memos, and blog on places and events. you track your path and pin photos, videos, audio or text entries to the map as you go.

Everything gets visualized accurately on gorgeous maps. You can then augment or fine-tune your journey on the web at will.




AccuWeather-travel-apps-that-you-will-actually-use-travel apps that you will actually use


AccuWeather is daily forecast, weather tracker and radar widget.

You will get live reports, GPS maps and daily updates on current temperature, sun, wind speed and other weather news.Track rain, view current temperature and get live storm alerts with your accurate GPS tracker and rain radar.

With AccuWeather you get daily updates and find out the global or local weather today.


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