Want to Start a Business while Working Full Time?

Want to Start a Business while Working Full Time?

Many people dream of leaving their full-time job and starting their own business. Many successful businessmen had to keep their job until they got to the point when they could quit it.

This process can be stressful and complicated, especially if you like your work. But it doesn´t have to be.


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How to start a business while working full time?

Although the ambition is important, it is not always enough to move forward. Maintain motivation and drive during the transition from employee to entrepreneur is critical. During this phase of transition, you can easily get off the course and get scared.

Here are a few things you can start doing right away. They keep you in the right direction and in constant movement.


1.Explain why you are starting a business

Linking to your “Why” is the most important first step you can make. Maybe your motivation comes from your boss, financial independence, time freedom, creative expression of yourself or helping others.

Whatever is your reason, knowing your motivation and driving you forward will keep you in focus during difficult times.


2.Commit to your dream

Desire to do something vs. to commit to this are two very different things. Commitment means that you will find solution when you face obstacles. And whatever circumstances are, you will not give up.

Please let people know about it (for more motivation please read Even You May Be a Millionaire. Really ).


3.Create your personal vision

Think about what you expect from business this year and write it down.

Be specific and detailed. Describe your perfect day, in the smallest detail: what activities you are interested in, who are your customers / clients, how many customers / clients you have and what your monthly income is.

Read your vision every morning and every night. Focus on the outcome – your business.

By focusing on the outcome, you will be able to make everyday decisions and ignore negative ideas that may appear.


4.Join the community

Meet with other entrepreneur regularly. This supports brainstorming and experience sharing. The community can be great to help keep you motivated.

There are groups that meet personally, online or on the phone.

If you are looking for such a group, meeting is a great place to start with. If you don´t find any group to add to, just create your own with others who are also new to doing the business.


5.Dive into learning

Research and study are very useful for your business. Internet contains plenty of valuable information to create a successful business. You can find a coach or find a mentor.

Listen to audiobooks while you are walking to work. The more you learn and become an expert in your area, the more self-confident, motivated and successful you will be.


6.Be positive at work

Maybe you like your colleagues. Maybe it’s just a free coffee or a comfortable chair.

Point is to look for positive things. The more you focus on what’s good in your current situation, the more success you bring to all the situations, including your business. Negative thoughts take energy and make your journey more difficult.


7.Create your daily goals

Go for small, measurable steps every day in the business and understand that there will be moments when it will look like you are making no progress.

Remember that everything is part of your business. By doing a small step everyday, including common tasks, you will see the results soon.

If you take these steps every day, you will be constantly focused, motivated and dedicated to your dream.



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