Time to Start a New Chapter in Your Life. Today not Tommorow

Time to Start a New Chapter in Your Life. Today not Tommorow

Do you know what is the best way to invest when you are in your 20′?

I don’t mean any securities or commodities.

I mean the investment that we all manage every day – our own future. Future can not be avoided, so everybody should think carefully about how to handle it and what to expect of it.


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Time to Start a New Chapter in Your Life


Person between the age of 20 and the 30 will make most decisions that will significantly affect his or her life career.

But their contribution is hard to express in money. The biggest one is the possibility to always have a choice in life.


Quality education

If I was 20 years old again, I would definitely invest in quality education. It basically doesn’t matter what man does. In particular, it must be useful to society and he or she must be good at it.

Studying for a diploma only doesn’t mean anything (read 6 Things about Money You Should Have Learned in School).


Foreign languages

They open the door to interesting work, make it possible to meet interesting people and to learn cultures from a completely different perspective.

Young people have a lot of opportunities to learn foreign languaes and it would be a shame not to use it. Work or study abroad is, in my view, best investment.

The greatest value of this adventure is not just earnings, new experiences, and nice memories.

It is that a person will become better acquainted with himself/herself and will learn independence and determination.

The sooner we start to deal with the question of how to take care of ourselves, the better.



Time is flowing. We can’t do anything about it.

But time is our great ally at the age of twenty, because we have enough time to save even small sums.

Later in our lives we can spend money on business (Want to Start a Business while Working Full Time?), mortgage or travel around the world.


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