Life Is Movement. Stagnation Is Death.

Life Is Movement. Stagnation Is Death.

Are you someone who likes to grow? Do you like movement in your life?

Each of us can be better. For our benefit and for benefit of people around us. I believe that each of us can change his/her life.

We are not accepting our fate, we choose it. And on the way to better future, I believe in personality development.

Our surroundings are just the mirror of our inner setting and inner patterns of thought, because if we change, everything around us will change.


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Evolution vs. Revolution

Why, however, do we, as human beings, not have in our DNA setting goals and reaching bigger challenges?

Primarily this is caused by evolution when our brain used to watch stimuli that were negative for us.

The basic encoded brain functionality is our survival protection. People have survived so far thanks to their ability to adapt to changes.

And so our naturalness is to avoid pain and get pleasure. Stronger programs within ourselves are fear of loss and not the desire for profit

People often prefer not to lose jobs they have, despite the fact that they don’t even enjoy it. But for the future, it will be necessary to cope with changing environment ( 55 Websites That Will Make You Smarter Everyday ).

The world will continue to change dynamically, especially in area of labor market and human activities. There is evolution and, in some areas, revolution, which will change labor market within 10 years.


Start a Movement!

Studying high-quality books is extremely important. Primarily because the author spent decades to gain special knowledge. And those, compacted into one book, are moving us, readers.

Therefore, I also consider a good book as a gift on way to better future. We’ll learn something new.

Better be prepared than to be surprised. Begin today and invest in your future. Buy and read a good new book or find someone who’s better than you in the area you want to move on. Life is movement, immobility is death. Move!


Source: full article in Slovak language

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