How To Save Money On A Low Income

How To Save Money On A Low Income

Many people are having different thoughts about the question on how to save money on a low income.

Well, having a low income doesn’t mean that you can’t save any amount.

Having said that, here are some effective ways to prove that a low-income individual or family can actually save money.


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Plan Your Shopping

Never spend too much on shopping, instead, make a list of the most important things that you need to buy. Things that are essential for your everyday living.

You can buy stuff that you really like once in a while but not all the time you go shopping.


Buy Used Stuff

Based on experience, buying used stuff can help you save money a lot. Instead of buying a new car, you can just go to any pre-used car stores and buy a used one.

This is especially important if you are just going to use it on a daily basis like going to the office, school etc.

Remember, buying used stuff doesn’t mean you are cheap. You are just wise enough to have the things that others have, but you can still save money at the same time.


Don’t Use Credit Cards

Using credit cards doesn’t really help you, in fact, this makes you poor! Using them is convenient.

But in the end, you will realize that you are almost paying double the amount that you actually used or borrow.

So again, don’t use credit cards. Pay by cash, and save a lot!


Sweat the Small Stuff

This is something not everyone is doing. Things like having a packed lunch to the school or to the office.

Plan your trips. This saves you gas rather than making multiple trips.

Did you know that you can also bring your own coffee to the office instead of going to the coffee shop?

Well, these small things can earn you big time without you knowing it.


Walk or Ride a Bike

If you can manage to ride your bike or even walk going to the school, market or even in the office, then do it! This can save your expenses on gas.


Go look and Find a Side Line

We are not limited to one talent, having a regular job is cool and helpful in terms of our regular budgeting.

But have you ever think having a sideline could actually help you more in terms of saving money?

Well, I did that! As a part-time writer, I had an additional income aside from my regular job that lets me earn more.


Stay Out of Restaurants

Man, this is the hardest part to do especially if you are a fan of eating.

But don’t get me wrong, you can still pursue your cravings even if you’re eating in a restaurant.

Try to buy a cookbook or even watch tutorial videos online on how to cook good and classy foods at home.


Planning your Meals

This is something that is mostly applicable to moms. Planning a meal helps you save more for the family. How to do it?

Think ahead, plan your grocery on what meals should be served on specific days.

Instead of buying ingredients for cooking every day, it is best to plan everything ahead.


Get Rid of Cable TV Subscription

Having a cable TV subscription is actually nice especially for movie lovers out there.

But have you checked the amount you pay in addition to your monthly budget? Higher than usual right?

Not just cable TV subscription offers good programming, there are free broadcast channels that do it as well.

This way, you can still earn money even if you are low-income individual or family.


Using of Coupons

Have you experienced buying stuff or eating food without paying any amount?

Well, I always do that. By the use of coupons, you can actually buy and eat without getting your money cut for the day.

Question is, how and where can I get coupons?

The answer is easy, you can always do a Google search on where you can get those and use it in a day or even for days, as long as you have enough on hand.


Get Rid of your Landline Phones

Nowadays, landline phones are useless to have. The reason behind that is the new and evolving technology on our era.

There are lots of social media platforms that offer not just call, but a video call features.

And take note, it’s free!

Getting rid of your landline can actually save you $40 to $90 a month. Amazing right?


Diligence is the Key

There are lots of ways to saves money even on a low income, but sticking to it in a long-term will make it effective.

Always have in mind all the things and technique on how to save that I mentioned above.

Remember, an emergency situation doesn’t happen as plan, so you have at least the money to withdraw from your bank or anywhere you keep it in your house.

This way, you will not worry about where to get the funds to sustain the needs if an emergency happens.

One more thing, don’t ever think that having a low income will not make saving money possible. It’s up to you whether you want it or not!

And these were the tips and techniques on how to save money on a low income, which I hope can help everyone who reaches this article.


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