8 Amazing Asian Cities You Should Put On Your Travel List

8 Amazing Asian Cities You Should Put On Your Travel List


Who doesn’t want to go to Asia? Even those that have been are keen to go again.

It’s a fantastic place for those who are looking for rich history, friendly people and diversity. Asian cities are varied enough that they’ll satisfy every sort of traveler.

Here is a list of 8 most amazing Asian cities that everyone should aim to visit.

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 1.Bangkok (Thailand)


Bangkok-Thailand-amazing-Asian-cities-you-should-put-on-your-travel-list-amazing Asian cities you should put on your travel list
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Bangkok welcomes more visitors than any other city in the world. And it doesn’t take long to realise why.

Bangkok is a city of contrasts with action at every turn. Marvel at the gleaming temples, catch a tuk tuk along the bustling Chinatown. Or take a longtail boat through floating markets.

Food is another Bangkok highlight. From local dishes served at humble street stalls to haute cuisine at romantic rooftop restaurants. Moreover luxury malls compete with a sea of boutiques and markets, where you can treat yourself without overspending.

Extravagant Luxury hotels and surprisingly cheap serviced apartments welcome you with the same famed Thai hospitality. And no visit to Bangkok would be complete without a glimpse of its famous nightlife. Be it nightclubs, cabarets or exotic red-light districts, Bangkok never ceases to amaze.




Singapore-amazing-Asian-cities-you-should-put-on-your-travel-list-amazing Asian cities you should put on your travel list
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Renowned as a culinary mecca, Singapore offers travelers a robust taste of Southeast Asia. The nation’s diverse population has brought an international flavor to the local culture.

This fusion has led to the prosperity that takes physical form in the city’s impressive skyline and lively neighborhoods.

Singapore is a miraculous sight, particularly for travelers familiar with modern Asian metropolises. The city maintains a remarkable balance of green space and skyscrapers in addition to sustaining substantial ethnic enclaves like Little India and Chinatown.

This motley group of cultures has brought to this former British colony something special – a common mindset. Singaporeans are determined and patriotic. They are proud of what they have achieved (just look at Marina Bay and you might get jealous).


3.Siem Reap (Cambodia)


Siem-Reap-Cambodia-amazing-Asian-cities-you-should-put-on-your-travel-list-amazing Asian cities you should put on your travel list
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Siem Reap is a paradox, which makes it such a great example of a Southeast Asian destination. Tradition and poverty stand side by side with chic hotels and all the trappings of modernity.

The temples of Angkor Wat are Siem Reap’s main draw. But did you know there are plenty of other interesting things to do in the general vicinity?

From the Angkor National Museum to the Land Mine Museum to riding a hot air balloon over the Angkor ruins. You can explore a number of other destinations that help make Siem Reap the most popular tourist destination in Cambodia.


4.Hanoi (Vietnam)


Hanoi-Vietnam-amazing-Asian-cities-you-should-put-on-your-travel-list-amazing Asian cities you should put on your travel list
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The charming Vietnamese capital is different than other Asian capitals. Hanoi is a graceful collage of cultural influences from the French and Chinese, yet still retaining local Vietnamese ways.

It’s aged well, with the well-preserved Old Quarter, a maze of streets more than 1,000 years old set between the city’s famed Hoan Kiem Lake, the Red River and the few walls that remain of the Hanoi Citadel along with monuments and colonial architecture sitting alongside modern developments.

Hanoi has not forgotten its past. As the only city in Southeast Asia with an embalmed leader on display – the body of Ho Chi Men lies preserved in a mausoleum, against his own wish to be cremated. Pretty parks, lakes, shady boulevards and more than 600 temples and pagodas add to the appeal of Hanoi, which can easily be explored by taxi.


5.Yogyakarta (Indonesia)


Yogyakarta-Indonesia-amazing-Asian-cities-you-should-put-on-your-travel-list-amazing Asian cities you should put on your travel list
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The centre of Javanese arts and culture. Yogyakarta (pronounced as ‘Jogjakarta’, or ‘Jog-ja’ for short) is a city with culture and customs as rich as they were centuries ago. Furthermore governed independently by a traditional Sultanate system which differs from the rest of Indonesia.

If Jakarta were to be the heart of the nation, powering the economy and the industries, Yogyakarta is the soul. Therefore keeping the spirit in perfect balance and harmony.

Contrary to that in larger cities, life in Yogyakarta is a lot more laidback. The locals are friendly, the food is good, and there’s an endless list of places to go to.

Besides well-known historical and cultural landmarks such as the many temples left behind by ancient civilizations, Yogyakarta is a gold mine of astonishing natural landscapes that reminds you of Mother Nature’s greatness.


6.Seoul (South Korea)


Seoul-South-Korea-amazing-Asian-cities-you-should-put-on-your-travel-list-amazing Asian cities you should put on your travel list
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South Korea’s capital is a well-oiled machine. Pedestrians, bikes and cars whiz through the streets at an alarming rate and new skyscrapers are constantly being built. The city has renovated its hotels, historical sites and urban parks, hence complete its universal appeal.

Seoul may seem like its blazing into the future, but South Koreans still hold fast to their rich heritage.

Tucked between vast shopping districts and lively nightlife zones are relics of Seoul’s history, windows into an old Seoul before the towers of concrete and steel.


7.Legazpi City (Philippines)


Legazpi-City-Philippines-amazing-Asian-cities-you-should-put-on-your-travel-list-amazing Asian cities you should put on your travel list
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Legpazi City calls itself “the city of fun and adventure” and for good reason. This city is home to Mt. Mayon, a 20 million year old active volcano that offers both wild adventure and captivating history.

While you’re here, you have the chance to explore around the base of the volcano with ATV tours, hiking, photography, and more. While capturing unbelievable views, you’ll learn about its active history of eruptions that have wiped out entire populations and desecrated whole villages.

Named after Miguel Lopez de Legazpi, a Spanish conquistador, there is a lot of history and culture to be experienced in Legazpi City. You’ll have the chance to visit monuments which represent the many nationalities who have once called this island home or refuge like the Franciscan church, the Spanish pier, and the Japanese tunnels.

From adventure to history and shopping to eating. If Legazpi City isn’t already on your list of places to visit in the Philippines, it absolutely will be after today.


8.Tokyo (Japan)


Tokyo-Japan-amazing-Asian-cities-you-should-put-on-your-travel-list-amazing Asian cities you should put on your travel list
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In Tokyo, traditional collides with pop culture, offering everything from belting out a song at a karaoke bar to reverently wandering through ancient temples.

While it’s chaotic, crowded and expensive, everything is incredibly clean and the people are extremely polite. “Cosplay” is popular among young people, and therefore they often use it to pay homage to favorite anime, movie, or comic book characters. Which means you’ll see some intricate and impressive ensembles, especially in the hip, edgier Harajuku District.

There are more Michelin-starred restaurants here than in Paris. The food is fresh, rich, and delicious. Indulge in as much sushi, udon noodles, and wagashi as your belly can handle.


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